Superstar Development or Collaborative Teams?

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Social Connectedness

Margaret’s message was that the Steve-Job-type superstars are not long-lasting solutions as this can lead to “pecking to death”, an internal destruction. Rather, we should look to building a culture of helpfulness and connectivity to generate productivity and innovation.


Have you ever been on a team where you are afraid to ask a question because you are afraid that you will be shunned as “stupid”? Maybe that same team is so inhospitable that you feel like an outsider even though you have been working in that group for nine months.

Consistent, non-dominant work

We cannot be successful if there are some that expect a “free-ride”. This was the “B” player I was originally envisioning. Someone whom expected others to do the difficult work, showed up late, left early. However, consistent results by an individual (perhaps one that is not making quantum leaps) can be the bread-and-butter of your internal group. Think of the person that is dependable, always on-time, whom will meet your expectation. That person is a trusted colleague and makes your life easier at work.

Diverse perspective

I have a friend at work that invites me to be myself without exclusion. The leaning of our political and religious views differ, but she fosters our work relationship with warmth and curiosity. She is a center of calm. She has clarity of purpose and I adore her. She has changed my view on topics in the past couple of years that has made me a better manager. Through her challenges, I am more well-rounded. And as a result, after holidays when I might dread coming back to work, I look forward to returning and seeing her face.

Embracing Collaborative Teams

We are all leaders. There are defined leaders (directors, managers, VPs), and there are team-leads, scrum masters, moms and dads, those that step up when the going-gets-tough. Whether you are addressing your team at work, in a volunteer capacity, from a family and friendship perspective surround yourself with those that have empathy, a good work ethic, and are a blend of perspectives. If we do so, we will find ourselves with teams that are successful, innovative and a joy to be a part of.



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Emily Wagoner

Emily Wagoner

A thankful mom that loves developing relationships, inspiring others to do their best, and creating a dynamic environment.